We sell the Garage Door Remote Brisbane Residents Can’t Put Down

Are you looking for a garage door remote in Brisbane that won’t let you down and doesn’t break the bank? At Russell’s Garage Doors, we offer a fantastic range of garage door remotes to suit a range of styles and situations. We also offer the garage doors to come with them! In fact, we take the fuss out of installing your garage door as well.

Stay Safe Thanks to the Latest Technology

Possibly one of the greatest benefits for the garage door industry in the last few decades is the garage door remote. Brisbane locals can now come home safe and sound knowing that no one else has access to their garage. You can even get a garage door and gate combination, connecting your remote to both systems should you have a front gate to get through first. No more jumping out of the car to lift up the garage door, let technology do it for you!

Sometimes your garage door remote can break and malfunction and if that’s the case, the best course of action is to contact us to get it fixed or replaced as soon as possible. In the meantime, there are ways you can activate the garage door mechanism manually. For that, you’ll need to know how garage door remotes work and how to reset the garage door opener.

How Do Garage Door Remotes Work?

These little remotes are packed with intelligence, sending coded signals over radio frequency that are received by the garage door opener. In the past, generic remotes have used simple, single coded switches which make it less secure and easier to copy.

Newer remotes have taken a step forward and will utilise what’s called a rolling code, changing the code each time a signal is sent. This increases the security of the garage and makes it near impossible to copy. Most newer garage door remotes in Brisbane utilise this technology.

Why Won’t My Garage Door Remote Open My Garage?

If your garage door remote or opener is experiencing issues, we recommend calling out a garage door repairman to diagnose the issue. Before you do though, ensure that it’s not simply a battery issue that can be easily fixed.

If you’ve checked and everything is fine with the battery, get in touch with the team at Russell’s Garage Doors. If you are located between Caboolture and in Brisbane north of the river, we can come out quickly and promptly to look after you.

Lost Your Garage Door Remote somewhere in Brisbane? Don’t Panic!

Whether your car was broken into, it slipped out of the car dropping the kids off to school, or you haven’t gotten around to retrieving it from a family member, there’s no need to panic. There is a way to solve the problem manually.

Whilst it might take no time at all to replace or reprogram a remote, it might not be so straightforward if the damage has occurred to the opener itself. For problems with the hardware, you will need to organise a professional to assess the damage and get it fixed. At RGD, we can do all that for you.

Reach out to the friendly team at Russell’s Garage Doors

Like when losing a house key, losing a garage door remote might make you fear for your house’s security. Unlike losing a house key though, changing the locks on the garage door opener won’t cost an ‘arm and a leg’. To change the ‘lock’ simply erase the memory by following the instructions on the manual and reset the code.

When you’re thinking of garage door installation in Brisbane, don’t DIY; think Russell’s Garage Doors.

The Best Garage Door Repairman

Every mechanism is different so we can’t offer general advice about the exact process to follow here. But if you’re stuck and can’t figure it out there is a simple solution. Reach out to the friendly team at Russell’s Garage Doors and we will be out promptly to offer our professional service for your garage door remote. Brisbane residents north of the river, all the way to Caboolture can rest easy knowing that we can help you with everything ‘garage doors’.

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